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4 Simple Summer Car Care Tips

High Traffic Areas

For a clean car throughout the hotter months, focusing on the areas of your vehicle that take the most heat from the road can help keep its shine. The windshield and windows are a good place to start as bug splatter can quickly clog up the view. Don’t leave cleaning off until the next wash because the sun’s rays can make a buggy mess more difficult to remove. Your car’s grill is also a good place to look for insects.

Frequent Light Washing

Unlike winter when dirt and grime are mostly dormant, the hotter months are known for kicking up road dust. Your paint job acts as a magnet for dirt particles which, if allowed to build up, can start to harm your vehicles finish. Washing a car is the easiest way to prevent this. Driving through a light wash after a long trip or when it has traveled through rough terrain can cut back on grime. A weekly washdown even when there is no visible buildup is recommended for best results.

Inside Details

Just because only the outside is visible doesn’t mean it’s the only area you need to focus on when cleaning a car. Especially during the summer when you spend more time outdoors or at the beach, soil and sand can wear down carpet if left to sit for long periods of time. This is why routine vacuuming is a must. Start with the crumbs in your seat and move your way down to the carpet and any other crevices where dirt could be hiding. Don’t forget the trunk!

Another frequently overlooked problem is slight spills from all those refreshing beverages. Sticky residue isn’t only bad for your cupholders and console - your flooring can also suffer. When liquids are allowed to soak into the floorboard, it can cause mold to develop inside your carpet. This is not only bad for the value of your vehicle but is also a health hazard, especially when the heat is involved. Cleaning up accidents right away is the best way to prevent damage. Remember to also periodically remove your mats for a light shampoo when needed.

Best Clean Tips

There is more to a clean car then slapping any old soap onto a washcloth and slathering it on. Your car’s interior and exterior is more delicate than it may seem. The type of material you use could be doing more harm than good. Always choose a non-abrasive material for the finish. Additionally, when washing cloths and towels, never use bleach or fabric softener, as this can damage your paint. When it comes time to wash, stay out of the harsh sunlight as it can cause unwanted streaks and swirls to appear. Early morning is a good time to wash as well as save you from the worse of the sun’s heat.

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Venkata Ramanan
Venkata Ramanan
26 oct. 2022

I had my Kia Sorento SX recently serviced by Slide in Mobile Detail, the Car was transformed in a matter of few hours from Dirt and Mud smeared, to a shining piece of equipment. All my friends and colleagues were literally surprised at the extent cleaning that included the leather seats, mats, moon-roof and everything inside and the exterior. The price that Kevin charged was so reasonable, i felt happy to have found this place for Detailing. I will not hesitate recommending Slide in Detailing to my friends and family!! Ven

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